Pubdate: Thu, 27 Jul 2006
Source: Daily Pennsylvanian, The (U of PA, Edu)
Copyright: 2006 The Daily Pennsylvanian
Author: Micah Daigle
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To the Editor:

Something is missing at Penn. While students across the country are 
fueling a powerful grassroots movement to end America's longest war, 
Penn students have not yet joined the fight. As The Summer 
Pennsylvanian reported ("Student groups aim to lessen drug 
penalties," SP, 7/20/2006), Penn does not currently have a chapter of 
Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the country's leading student 
organization working to end the War on Drugs.

Why should Penn students start an SSDP chapter? As members of the 
DARE generation, we realize that drug prohibition has done nothing to 
protect our nation's youth from drugs. In fact, like alcohol 
prohibition before it, these laws have only made the problem worse.

Students have a unique opportunity to fight counterproductive drug 
policies on their campuses and in their communities, and these 
communities have the opportunity to embrace sensible drug policies 
that value health, privacy, and human dignity.

Micah Daigle

The author is field director for Students for Sensible Drug Policy
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