Pubdate: Fri, 21 Jul 2006
Source: Comox Valley Record (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Comox Valley Record
Author: Mary Phillips
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Dear editor,

I was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana recently. It 
seems the right time to come out publicly for legalization, and I 
hope to persuade you to do the same.

I have been smoking marijuana for 30-plus years -- it is my choice 
for relaxation and enjoyment. I know plenty of people in our town 
also enjoy this choice. I believe this holds true for millions across 
our country.

Aren't we all tired of having to "hide" and deny our use in public 
because of outdated and senseless laws? Surely it is time to bury the 
b.s. and get marijuana legalized.

It doesn't destroy lives -- in fact, it improves the quality of life 
for many. It is a proven, all-natural remedy for numerous medical 
conditions -- but very few people are deemed "ill" enough to receive 
it. With legalization, thousands would have access to an affordable 
medication -- without the "shame" it has attached to it now.

Hemp would become a viable crop, as the quantity of products that can 
be made from its fibre is endless. Profits are there for farmers and 
backyard gardeners alike, as it is a plant well-suited to the 
Canadian growing season. Our society's need for a cheap, 
easy-to-grow, alternative source for everyday consumer goods and 
medicines has never been greater.

Attitudes towards marijuana have changed over the last 70 years, as 
people have come to realize this drug is basically harmless. 
Scientific studies released lately say it is less addictive than 
tobacco. Our laws need to change to reflect this truth.

The RCMP are obliged to waste their time and money on peaceful, 
contributing, community members like myself. Their resources need to 
be focused on the truly dangerous drugs that are destroying lives in 
our towns and cities. Crack cocaine/crystal meth is taking its toll 
here, as it is everywhere, and the dealers who make it available to 
our children need to receive the RCMP's undivided attention.

If you agree with any of this, help me get marijuana legalized. 
What's to be afraid of? A more honest, kinder, environmentally 
friendly (and sound) future for us and our children?

I have written letters to Mr. Harper declaring my support of 
legalization, and intend to mail one weekly starting on July 1.

It is the "people" who institute change and there are enough of us. I 
ask you to begin celebrating Canada Day by mailing or e-mailing the 
first of your letters to our prime minister. When he receives 
millions of statements of support from across the country, weekly, he 
will have to listen to what the "people" want.

His address is House of Commons, Ottawa, Ont., K1A 0A6. E-mail is Come on, people, this is an easy one, and it will work.


Mary Phillips
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