Pubdate: Mon, 17 Jul 2006
Source: Chillicothe Gazette (OH)
Copyright: 2006 Chillicothe Gazette
Author: Jona Ison, Staff Writer
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M.A.P.S. Blitz Produces Positive Results With Locals

Many Ross County residents are hoping the law enforcement agencies 
keep up the spirit of Operation M.A.P.S. and do sweeps of the county 
on a regular basis.

Janice Manring lives on Scioto Avenue where at least one person was 
arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Although she is pleased 
with what was done, she said there is more to be done, especially in 
her neighborhood.

"I think they should do it all the time. If they crack down on them 
constantly, then they'll go somewhere else," Manring said. "But 
you've got to enforce it, though. They just give them a slap on the 
wrist." Tom Young, who lives on Park Street, agreed.

"I think it's great. They need to be strict. If only the courts would 
back them up once they catch them (instead of plea bargaining)," he said.

During the 72-hour blitz by Chillicothe City Police, Ross County 
Sheriff's Office, and the State Highway Patrol, 575 people were 
arrested with 156 of those booked into the Ross County Jail. More 
than half of the 40 secret indictments on felony drug charges were 
served, including one on Scioto Avenue and another on Mt. Tabor Road.

Coleen Harrington was surprised to hear one of her neighbors, a 
64-year-old man, was picked up on drug trafficking charges.

"I guess we're kind of surprised by some of the people they're 
picking up. Sometimes you think you know your neighbors, but you 
don't," she said.

Drug addiction has impacted Harrington's family. Not by a family 
member being addicted, but by a stranger on drugs who threw a rock at 
her car and injured her son several years ago.

"I know it's in the community. I know innocent bystanders can be hurt 
by this stuff. It's a good thing (they did this). Anything that gets 
them off the streets," she said.

Chris Brown, of Bainbridge, also has had his own brush with criminal 
activity. His home, near the county line, has been broken into a few times.

"It's a good idea to get out there and do this, a good thing to get 
those who do have warrants. They're doing a heck of a job," he said.

However, he wishes the budgets were larger, providing the Sheriff's 
Office with the funds to hire more deputies and have quicker response 
time and better coverage of the county.

Nellie Holbrook, of Bainbridge, said she thought the sweep was needed.

"It's probably a good thing we did that (the sweep) and caught up 
with some of them," she said.


Stats As Of Midnight Shut-Down Of 72-Hour Operation M.A.P.S.


39 Felony arrests
156 Jail bookings
30 Operating vehicle intoxicated
70 Driving under suspension
79 Seat belt
351 Safety defects
472 Warnings
575 Total (including citations and summons)

Traffic stops

1,192 Traffic stops
20 search warrants executed
25 of 40 secret indictments served

New cases

18 Felony
24 Drug
17 Felony drug
11 Other

Items seized

24 marijuana plants
260 grams marijuana
1 pound marijuana
44 grams cocaine
40 grams crack cocaine
1 gram meth
11 grams heroin
111 pharmaceutical pills
12 miscellaneous drugs
$10,068 cash
26 weapons
7 miscellaneous items, stolen property 
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