Pubdate: Mon, 10 Jul 2006
Source: Dominican Today (Dominican Republic)
Copyright: 2006 Dominican Today


SANTO DOMINGO.- The head of the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD)
yesterday complained that sometimes his agents have difficulties in
obtaining search and seizure warrants from judges and waste time in
arresting drug-traffickers.

Vice-admiral Ivan Pena also admitted that drug-trafficking has a high
influence in the increased crime rate, but cannot affirm that the new
Penal Procedural Code is an obstacle in the war against it. He warned
that with or without the new Code, the DNCD will confront the
narcotics traffickers in any scenario.

"I cannot say on my part that it's an obstacle, but undoubtedly there
are situations where if the search warrant is not given on time to
carry it out, then time in being lost to gather evidence and to
capture a network. But undoubtedly that I cannot say that the Code is
an obstacle or a hindrance," he said.

The antinarcotics chief clarified, however, that there are other
factors that influence in the commission of crimes.

"It is necessary to accept that there are other factors that can
influence in criminality, so that it's not necessarily the result of
being under the effect of drugs to commit criminal acts. But drug
trafficking is a factor that affects directly and now the population
perceives it," he said.

Pena added that his agency is the one called upon to have the valor
and responsibility to confront crime and drug trafficking, which uses
senior citizens and minors. 
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