Pubdate: Wed, 05 Jul 2006
Source: Leicester Mercury (UK)
Copyright: 2006 Leicester Mercury
Author: Clifford Schaffer


The evidence linking the use of cannabis to lethargy indicates that
cannabis is more often a symptom than a cause of such things (Opinion,
June 24).

This would be different from alcohol, which genuinely does cause those
kinds of problems - and on a far bigger scale.

The latest and best research indicates no connection between marijuana
and lung cancer or heart disease, even when the drug is smoked. And
the idea that the Government will drag someone through the criminal
justice system to protect their health is just ludicrous.

As the founder of the world's largest on-line library of research on
related issues, I keep hearing about cannabis that will produce
hallucinations. Invariably, it is from pot smokers who want to know
where they could find some of this magical stuff.

People with schizophrenia shouldn't be doing any recreational drugs,
cannabis included. That doesn't make a good argument for making it
illegal for everyone else.

The idea that marijuana leads to heroin is nonsense.

There is no drug that will magically give you cravings for other drugs
you have never had.

If you believe that, then you have clearly been bamboozled.

I have one question for you: In the past 100 years, there have been a
dozen major government commissions around the world that have studied
the subject and made recommendations for changes.

Can you name any such study that supported your point of

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Clifford Schaffer, director, DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy,
Agua Dulce, CA, USA. 
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