Pubdate: Sat, 01 Jul 2006
Source: Times Of Malta (Malta)
Copyright: 2006 Allied Newspapers Limited
Author: Robert Sharpe
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Regarding the June 26 editorial, The Times must not make the mistake 
of assuming that the drug war actually reduces drug use. Consider the 
experience of the former land of the free and current record holder 
in citizens incarcerated. Here in the United States, police searches 
on public transit, drug-sniffing dogs in schools and random drug 
testing have led to a loss of civil liberties, while failing 
miserably at preventing drug use.

The drug war is in large part a war on marijuana (hashish), by far 
the most popular illicit drug. The University of Michigan's 
Monitoring the Future survey reports that lifetime use of marijuana 
is higher in the US than in any European country, yet America is one 
of the few Western countries that uses its criminal justice system to 
punish citizens who prefer marijuana to martinis.

Despite clear evidence that draconian laws fail to deter use, the US 
government uses its superpower status to export a dangerous moral 
crusade around the globe.

The short-term health effects of marijuana are inconsequential 
compared to the long-term effects of criminal records. Unfortunately, 
marijuana represents the counterculture to misguided reactionaries 
intent on prosecuting their version of morality.

Malta should just say no to the American Inquisition.

Robert Sharpe, policy analyst

Common Sense for Drug Policy

Washington, US. 
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