Pubdate: Sat, 01 Jul 2006
Source: Washington Post (DC)
Page: A24
Copyright: 2006 The Washington Post Company
Author: Ethan Nadelmann


Rush Limbaugh's detention by border control officials for possession
of Viagra without a prescription in his name has crossed over into the
absurd [The Reliable Source, June 27].

Tens of millions of Americans take pharmaceutical drugs, sometimes
many of them. Some people like to put all their medications in one
container or a pillbox, or to keep the original prescription container
at home so it doesn't get lost. When the amount is small enough to
indicate it is almost certainly for personal use, it seems ludicrous
for Customs officials or anyone else to hassle people about it.

What happened to Mr. Limbaugh could happen to almost anyone,
especially people who are more likely to be profiled at airports. As
unlikely as it may seem, Rush Limbaugh has become a poster child for a
drug control policy that is out of control.


Executive Director

Drug Policy Alliance

New York
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