Pubdate: Mon, 26 Jun 2006
Source: Detroit News (MI)
Copyright: 2006, The Detroit News
Author: Paul W. Smith
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Outta' my mind on a Monday moanin':

It is never good to bash your head; however, if you are going to bash 
your head, better to have a helmet on it. Football, hockey, lacrosse 
and baseball players know it. Race car drivers and bicyclists know 
it. Motorcyclists know it.

I don't need to go into all the arguments for and against a law 
making cyclists do what's best for them and for the rest of us. (We 
went through this already regarding seat belts in cars.)

Now's a good time to point out that I have been a motorcycle owner. 
And I have been hit by a car while riding (I was a very careful, 
defensive driver. It did not matter.) I had my helmet on. I thank God I did.

The inconvenient truth: Everyone is better off when you wear a 
helmet. (It is unfortunate there has to be a law to get people to do it.)

Illicit drug use is never safe. There is no such thing as a pure 
illegal drug. Our police (overworked, often understaffed and 
under-paid) are not a branch of the Food and Drug Administration. It 
is not their job to be sure your illegal drug is pure.

It angered and drove me crazy when some folks somehow blamed the 
police for not being more on top of the Fentanyl/heroin story. You, too?

Inconvenient truth: If you use illegal drugs, (or use legal drugs 
illegally) you may die.

Detroit, its school district and the state should have found a way to 
work with Bob Thompson when he wanted to invest $200 million in our 
youth and their education. Enough time has passed since that 
opportunity has come and gone (in its original form) to state the 
obvious inconvenient truth: Politics, ego and control issues trumped 
what was best for the kids. What system of education, city or state 
in this country, would not have benefited from an infusion of $200 million?

The latest medical research is now so strong supporting the 
importance of breast feeding, some doctors are actually pushing for 
warnings/disclaimers on formula packages pointing out the physical 
(and psychological) benefits of nursing. They want to dissuade women 
from rejecting what medical research shows is best for mother and child.

Various groups are up in arms over this possibility, saying they will 
make women who choose not to breast feed feel guilty. Certainly, 
women who cannotdo it feel bad enough. Besides the real 
medical/physical challenges some women might face, others just don't 
want to be bothered. That's their choice. However, that does not 
change our next inconvenient truth: Babies (and moms) are better off 
when nursing takes place.

Finally, I'm not telling you how to live your life, or if you are 
right or wrong in your own actions (even though I have a strong 
personal opinion). My (ultimate) inconvenient truth is: Human life 
begins at conception.

Join me as I sit in again for Rush Limbaugh on his nationwide show 
heard noon till 3 p.m. on WJR.

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