Pubdate: Mon, 12 Jun 2006
Source: Post and Courier, The (Charleston, SC)
Copyright: 2006 Evening Post Publishing Co.
Author: Norm Meyer


Regarding the article concerning South Carolinians for Drug Law 
Reform: Regulating all drugs seems like a great idea. All the 
violence during the Prohibition era has, of course, been recycled to 
the drug trade.

Treatment for users would be so much better than jail time and a lot 
cheaper for taxpayers. Fewer families would be broken up, and fewer 
kids would be unsupervised. It would be a lot less grief for all.

The billions of dollars we have spent in the drug war seem to have 
gone up someone's nose or up in smoke.

If you are against drug-law reform or regulating drug use, then you 
are for the continuing violence, the disruption of families, 
unsupervised children running the streets and the grief because drug 
use won't stop just by sending someone to jail, to prison, or putting 
them to death.

Treatment would help immensely.

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