Pubdate: Thu, 08 Jun 2006
Source: Summerland Review (CN BC)
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Drug addiction, especially crystal methampehtamine addiction, is a 
serious problem around the province.

It is a cheaply manufactured, highly addictive drug which has lasting 
consequences for those who use it. For those who want to break the 
addiction, treatment is a long and difficult process.

Last Thursday evening, at a forum about the drug, several former 
users talked about their experiences with it.

The members of the panel didn't mince words about the effects of this drug.

Three of the six panelists are former users who each had stories of 
how the drug has taken its toll on their lives and the lives of those 
around them.

Their experiences did not take place in large urban centres. Two of 
them were in the South Okanagan at the time.

The drug is available almost everywhere, including in Summerland.

Talking about it is the first step to preventing a growing problem 
from developing here.

For some at the forum last week, the atmosphere was uncomfortable.

While crystal methamphetamine use is a serious issue, Summerland is 
already taking some steps to address the problem.

On Thursday morning, just hours before the forum began, students at 
Summerland Middle School finished the Dare program.

The one-year program for Grade 6 students addresses issues of drug 
and alcohol abuse and the importance of making wise personal choices.

The students are starting to think about the consequences of using drugs.

There is an awareness of the issue.

As long as we recognize the potential for a problem here, talk about 
the issues and prepare our youth for it, we may be able to prevent a 
serious problem from taking root here.
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