Pubdate: Thu, 08 Jun 2006
Source: Boston Globe (MA)
Copyright: 2006 Globe Newspaper Company
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Here's where the candidates for governor stand on the bill passed by 
the Senate to permit the over-the-counter sale of needles to stem the 
spread of disease.

Christopher F. Gabrieli (Democrat): "I support the Senate's efforts 
to prevent the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. This step 
has proven effective in many other states."

Deval L. Patrick (Democrat): "Deval Patrick supports this legislation 
because he believes it will reduce dangerous diseases in our state. 
Studies in other states have shown that programs such as these 
decrease the rates of disease infection without increasing drug use."

Thomas F. Reilly (Democrat): "This is a public health issue. This 
bill will put Massachusetts in line with 47 other states in working 
to save lives by stopping the spread of AIDS, hepatitis and other 
infectious diseases while cutting down on health care costs for all," 
said spokesman Corey Welford.

Kerry Healey (Republican): "Today's disappointing vote to legalize 
the over-the-counter sale of hypodermic needles jeopardizes the 
safety of our families and makes it easier for drug users to engage 
in illegal behavior. We are calling on all the gubernatorial 
candidates to stand with us in opposition to this threat to public safety."

Christy Mihos (independent): "I am in favor of the bill. Studies have 
shown that decriminalization does not increase drug use or the 
problem of discarded syringes. The public health will be improved by 
this legislation."

Grace Ross (Green-Rainbow): "This is essentially a public health 
decision, and it has somehow become political football in certain 
circles. . . . All of the evidence is very clear that people being 
able to get clean needles can help stop the transmission of AIDS and 
other diseases. I would consider this a health decision and therefore 
be guided by the medical wisdom of the times."
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