Pubdate: Tue, 06 Jun 2006
Source: Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Copyright: 2006 The Jamaica Observer Ltd,
Author: Shadae Trotman & Opal Kelly
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It's not that we didn't ask girls their opinions. But interestingly 
enough, when we approached females with the vox pop question - with 
the exception of one young lady who thought we were begging her money 
- - all the girls refused to answer.

Russchaine, 18 Yes, marijuana should be legal because a person should 
be able to do what they want. Other legal drugs are more deadly than marijuana.

France, 16 Yes, it should be legalised because persons are free to do 
what they want, and it is also a means of making money so no one has to steal.

Micheal, 24 Yes, marijuana is to be legalised because people smoke it 
for different reasons; some for medicinal purposes and some do it to 
lose weight.

Duvall, 22 Marijuana is too dangerous and people who sell it would 
benefit off the downfall of others.

Shadaine, 17 Marijuana should be legalised because it can be used for 
medicinal purposes and it is also a source of income

Tony, 24 No, marijuana should not be legalised because there are too 
many crazy people in Jamaica already.

Paul, 20 If marijuana is legalised then people will abuse it and we 
already know the negative effects for people who can't handle the drug.
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