Pubdate: Thu, 18 May 2006
Source: Quad-City Times (IA)
Copyright: 2006 Quad-City Times
Author: Heath Hancock
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The United States of America is under the impression that we can 
control the entire world or at least North America. Mexico's 
Presidente Vicente Fox was set to sign a bill decriminalizing the 
personal use and possession of illegal drugs. The U.S. Embassy 
spokeswoman, Judith Bryan, says that the U.S. doesn't want American 
tourists to go to Mexico to use illegal drugs.

Mexico was about to make an important step in the war on drugs. They 
were about to face the true facts of this unjust and unnecessary war: 
that by prohibiting the use of anything you create more crime than 
you reduce. Just look the prohibition of alcohol.

Each year it costs every tax-paying American more to fund the DEA to 
stop these drugs, even though they can't. And it costs more for us to 
incarcerate those non-violent offenders in our jails and prisons. If 
you want to start saving money in these areas, you need to think why 
you think that this person is a criminal.

California has allowed its constituents the right to do with their 
own body as they please along with 11 other states, at least not 
forcing them to be incarcerated and only paying a fine. But Mexico is 
not allowed to do this, because it would let the world know that 
infallible America was wrong. It's been working in Amsterdam for years.

Heath Hancock

Rock Island
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