Pubdate: Thu, 11 May 2006
Source: Wheat City Journal (CN MB)
Copyright: 2006 Wheat City Journal.
Author: Kyla Henderson


The provincial government is increasing the number of police members 
in Brandon by two.

Brandon West MLA Scott Smith announced further funding of $160,000 to 
the Brandon Police Service for an additional school resource officer, 
to work in K-8 schools, and a criminal investigations officer.

"It's great for Brandon. The province is funding seven police 
officers now in the City of Brandon. These two positions are those 
that the chief has said are very important in this community," Smith said.

The Brandon Police Service already has one school resource officer, 
also funded by the province, who works in Brandon's three high schools.

"We've seen it in other communities how great it is to get younger 
children engaged with police officers," Smith said. "When you look at 
some of the stats that are out there, these scumballs that are out in 
the communities selling drugs are around the junior high schools as well."

Outgoing Brandon Police Service chief Richard Bruce said he was 
pleased with the appointment of another school resource officer. 
"It's a way of connecting and building a bridge with youth in this 
city," Bruce said.

The new criminal resource officer will be involved in following drug 
or gang-related investigations.

"There is a gang presence in this city and the addition of these two 
officers will make it easier to help address those issues," Bruce 
said. Smith said the province will continue to support policing in 
municipalities and has already reached its maximum goal for RCMP numbers.

"We've expanded police officers more in the last five years than we 
ever had in the history of Manitoba," Smith said. "We'll continue to 
work with Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson - all the police forces out 
there - supplying as many resources as we can."
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