Pubdate: Thu, 18 May 2006
Source: Modesto Bee, The (CA)
Copyright: 2006 The Modesto Bee
Author: Aaron Stevens
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In response to "County will issue pot cards," (May 3, Page A-1): If 
the medical marijuana dispensary closes, Americans for Safe Access 
will sue Modesto. There is no logical reason to force patients to go 
to other counties. Most patients have Oakland co-op cards, which are 
honored in clubs statewide.

Proposition 215 went into effect Jan. 1, 2004. Guidelines law Senate 
Bill 420 states: "Prop. 215 patients can cultivate no more than six 
mature plants or 12immature plants and can possess up to no more than 
eight ounces of dried marijuana."

Mexico is a different country. There is no way any more drugs will be 
medicinalized. I know patients who are against laws which would allow 
the use of hard drugs. There will not be a "slippery slope."

Most people took aspirin as a child. Sugar and caffeine is given to us as kids.

Speak the truth and allow us California patients to get the medicine. 
Think of the ethics involved if you deny someone their medicine.

Aaron Stevens

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