Pubdate: Wed, 10 May 2006
Source: Hudson/St. Lazare Gazette (CN QU)
Copyright: 2006 Lake of Two Mountains Gazette Ltd.
Author: Russell Barth


"When a CTV reporter, complete with cameraman asked the three students
how easy it was to get drugs in their school, Klaiman intervened
quickly telling the reporter that the girls would not be answering
that question."

What is Klaiman trying to hide? Wasn't this symposium supposed to be
about "truth"? Such hypocrisy.

When I was a teen at Hudson High School in the early 1980's, anyone
with cash could get almost any drug they wanted in a matter of
minutes. Sometimes it would take until the next day. There was one kid
who always had about $500 in cash and 20-40 grams of hashish on him.
He was 14.

A blind eye was generally turned to the drug problems of both the kids
- - and the adults - in Hudson.

It looks like the dirty-little-secret situation hasn't changed much in
that town in the last 20 years.

Russell Barth
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