Pubdate: Wed, 10 May 2006
Source: Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)
Copyright: 2006 Mountain Xpress
Author: Robert Gregg


Thanks, Jack [Cole], for the great letter ["Stop Wasting Police 
Resources," April 19]. I was arrested in 2004 because of my need for 
medical marijuana. I learned a lot about the mindset of law 
enforcement in my home county of Union. Although everyone believed 
that my pot was for medical use, they could not see the impact my 
arrest would have. I am now a convicted felon with disabilities and 
no medical insurance. What do you suppose the odds are that I will be 
hired for a full-time job? I'd say slim to none. Although none of my 
pot was ever sold on the so-called "street," the local paper ran a 
story based on a law-enforcement press release that valued my 
medicine at $248,000. I was amazed, but of course that was 10 gallons 
of BS in a five-gallon bucket. It does look good in the paper though, 
if you're running for sheriff or DA.

The aforementioned officials make more off drugs than I did. I didn't 
make any money at all, which was supported by the fact that they 
could not show any money seized or produce any evidence of sales. I 
grew my medicine to relieve my pain and brain seizures when 
prescriptions failed me. How did arresting me serve any useful purpose?

Now I must get my medicine from those who don't much mind who they 
sell to. Does that mean I am supporting terrorists? I don't think so, 
but that is the drug-warrior party line.

- - Robert Gregg

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