Pubdate: Thu, 04 May 2006
Source: Colorado Springs Independent (CO)
Copyright: 2006 Colorado Springs Independent
Author: James Stepp


In "Pot shot," Colorado Attorney General John Suthers was quoted
saying this: "I find this group's message particularly troubling ...
It's a moral relativism message that we have two evils, and [in their
assessment] marijuana is a lesser evil than alcohol, so [they] promote
that evil ... There's another alternative here: Let's promote sobriety
as an alternative to intoxication of any form."

Is this guy cracked?! He is obviously not dealing in reality. If this
"high ideal" of everyone staying sober all the time worked in the real
world, then when Nancy Reagan said to "just say no," we wouldn't have
a drug problem now, would we?

We need real progress on this issue, not platitudes and

James Stepp

Orlando, Fla.
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