Pubdate: Mon, 01 May 2006
Source: Nelson Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Nelson Daily News
Author: Russell Barth


To the editor:

Re: Decision in pot king case delayed

I am a Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder who is also married to
one, and I am appalled at the conduct of both the former Justice
Minister, and now Vic Toews.

Here are the twists in this story.

1) Health Canada has informed numerous license holders and applicants
that they could get seeds from Emery Seeds.  Including me.

2) Emery and dozens of others across the country sold seeds for over
eight years.  Seeds are still easily available online, and in many

3) Revenue Canada accepted Emery's tax returns - and the hundreds of
thousands of dollars contained in the payments - for a decade, even
though the words "Marijuana Seed Vendor" was written right on the tax
return!  They knowingly took money from an illegal source, and never
reported it.  Maybe Revenue Canada should be charged for money
laundering and conspiracy as well?

4) No one has ever been imprisoned in Canada for the sale of seeds,
yet Emery could face 30 years to life for the same "crime."

This is a vulgar affront to Canadian sovereignty.  In light of the way
the Conservative government buckled under the U.S. on the softwood
lumber deal, it stands to reason that they would be eager to help the
U.S. DEA take a Canadian Citizen and throw him in jail for the rest of
his life for selling seeds.

I would love to see the media do an in-depth report showing the public
how our government is helping the U.S. government violate our

Russell Barth

Federal Medican Marijuana License Holder

Ottawa, Ontario
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