Pubdate: Thu, 27 Apr 2006
Source: Eye Magazine (CN ON)
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Author: Anonymous


Re "Beyond the law," Letters, April 20: The main point I was trying to
make ("Decriminalizing dope," Letters, April 13) was I didn't agree
that pot is a harmless recreational drug and should therefore be
legalized. It's not. Mood-altering substances have a damaging effect
on the brain and body whether they're legal or not. Addiction is not
about being "irresponsible." It's addiction.

And don't give me any crap about the benefits of marijuana
legalization. Nicotine, pills and booze are legal and are "used
irresponsibly." They also fall into the hands of underage kids who
break the law by using them. I still don't think pot should be legal
in that it should be openly used and bought. However, I think it's
ridiculous that someone receives a jail term and criminal record for
possession of a small amount or because they use pot for medicinal
purposes. That was my other point: I didn't agree with the
Conservatives taking two steps back regarding decriminalization.

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