Pubdate: Wed, 19 Apr 2006
Source: Oak Bay News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Oak Bay News
Author: Chuck Beyer


(re: Pot policy decried, Oak Bay News, April 12, p.

Support for regulation of cannabis like alcohol is the highest in B.C.
and Quebec. In B.C. 50 per cent have used marijuana and 60 per cent
support regulation andtaxation. Even in other provinces support for
prohibition hovers close to only 50 per cent and far more support the
nebulous concept of "decriminalization".

Therefore the prognostications of the Liberals and Conservatives
amount to nothing more than tacit support for a U.S.-backed tyranny.

MP Gary Lunn should be the most ashamed of all. As a lawyer, he knows
full well the futility of this war on 10 per cent of Canadians and 50
per cent of voters and also know that the criminal law was never meant
to be used in such a fashion.

We at remind British Columbians who are fed up there is
another option - jury nullification of the law itself. It is a
long-standing tradition in our legal system that jurors have the power
to judge the law itself. If you have been chosen for jury duty on a
marijuana trial you have the power to ignore the judge, ignore the law
and acquit. By doing so you will force the government to regulate.

Chuck Beyer

Port Alberni B.C.
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