Pubdate: Wed, 26 Apr 2006
Source: News-Press (FL)
Copyright: 2006 The News-Press
Author: Michael Golding
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The latest ruling by the FDA that "no sound scientific studies" 
supported the medical use of marijuana contradicting a 1999 review by 
a panel of highly regarded scientists, is the latest in a host of 
decisions in many areas of our lives that show no compassion whatsoever.

We live in a so-called free society. This society in the year 2000 
allowed tobacco sales and consumption that caused 435,000 deaths. In 
the same year, alcohol was the direct cause of 85,000 deaths, while 
incidents involving firearms caused 29,000 deaths. Marijuana? In 2000 
no deaths were attributed to marijuana.

We can all go out and buy tobacco, alcohol, and firearms. It's the 
law. But allow a terminally sick person to try to alleviate his or 
her suffering by the use of marijuana? Oh no! A U.S. Supreme Court 
decision last year allowed the federal government to arrest anyone 
using marijuana even for medical purposes, even in states who have 
legalized such use.

So, it's all right for almost 550,000 to die in one year because of 
"legal" killer substances, but illegal to try to help a suffering 
person by the administration of a drug that kills no one. I believe 
that in our "free" society, anyone wishing to purchase tobacco, 
alcohol, and firearms should be allowed to do so. But apparently some 
people are "freer than others."

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