Pubdate: Thu, 20 Apr 2006
Source: Summerland Review (CN BC)
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Author: Tracy Clark
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High School Students Will Create Videos On Effects Of Drug

A drug addict will be roaming the high school's halls next week in 
Summerland - or at least it may appear that way.

Summerland secondary student Victoria De Rosier, with the help of the 
high school makeup team, will be transforming herself into a crystal 
meth addict as part of a promotional stunt to encourage students to 
get involved in a public service announcement contest.

The contest, created by the Summerland Drug Education Task Force 
through the Summerland Asset Development Initiative, is focusing on 
bringing awareness about the impact of crystal meth. Kelsi Foreman, a 
Grade 12 student at Summerland secondary school, has been hired, 
along with De Rosier, to promote the contest in local schools.

Crystal meth was chosen as the focus of the PSA contest because it is 
a relatively new and extremely destructive drug, said Foreman. She 
said the drug task force is hoping to be proactive by providing drug 
education before crystal meth becomes a major problem in schools.

The teen said she could easily find and purchase crystal meth at school.

She would only need to ask about 10 people and at least one would 
know where to find some.

"Students know (crystal meth) is out there," she said. However, 
Foreman said, many students do not know a lot about the effects of 
crystal meth.

The PSA project will allow students to learn more about the drug, as 
well as to exercise originality, creativity and community 
involvement, she said.

Students and Summerland residents interested in entering the contest 
need to make a 30-second to one-minute video that demonstrates the 
effects of crystal meth on both the body and mind.

The videos must be submitted on DVD or VHS by May 19.

The entries will be considered by a panel and narrowed down to the 
top five, which will then be showcased at the Drug Education Task 
Force crystal meth forum June 1 at Centre Stage Theatre in 
Summerland. The first, second and third place winners will receive 
$500, $250 and $100, respectively. Contest entry forms can be picked 
up at the SADI Unity Youth Club at 9117 Prairie Valley Road.
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