Pubdate: Sat, 22 Apr 2006
Source: Patriot-News, The (PA)
Copyright: 2006 The Patriot-News
Author: Douglas R. Fleck
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I followed with interest your reporting on the recent drug raid on 
April 1. Federal agents with helicopters, automatic weapons and stun 
grenades woke neighbors in the middle of the night. No al-Qaida cell 
was captured in Baghdad, only five crack dealers in Carlisle.

The media love to call Iraq a quagmire, but never call the War on 
Drugs a lost cause. This war has been going on since 1971 and I dare 
you to name one drug it has stopped. What it has done is cost 
millions and utterly shredded our Bill of Rights. Every year we are 
told we are winning and every year our courts and prisons are flooded 
with nonviolent drug offenders along with no-knock raids and pretrial 
asset seizures. Astronomical costs and no gain.

Prohibition didn't work and neither will the drug war. Drugs won't go 
away until demand does. Someone will always supply a demand.

A recent letter writer wants the government to do more to stop drugs. 
Raising children is not the government's job.

I submit that parents need to show more interest in their own 
children and set examples. Most parents before the 1960s managed to. 
Drugs don't go looking for you -- you have to find them.

- -- Douglas R. Fleck

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