Pubdate: Wed, 19 Apr 2006
Source: Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)
Copyright: 2006 Mountain Xpress
Author: Jack A. Cole
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As the executive director of the world's largest organization of 
police, judges and other criminal-justice professionals who oppose 
the policy of drug prohibition, I'd like to echo letter writer Bob 
Niewoehner's appeal to legalize marijuana for qualified medical 
patients ["Making Sense of Medical Marijuana," March 15].

One can be diligent with concerns about possible marijuana abuse 
without endorsing the most absurd waste of police resources 
imaginable - that of arresting, processing and jailing medical 
patients who use marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. Our 
membership of over 5,000 believes it's time to end criminal 
prohibitions against adult consensual use of any drug, but especially 
medical marijuana. This need is even more urgent if one views pot as 
a dangerous drug. It is our opinion that risky and dangerous 
substances are best distributed in controlled and regulated settings. 
Such regulation is impossible under a system of criminal prohibition. 
We strongly commend all Americans working to change this misguided 
policy of arresting, prosecuting and caging otherwise law-abiding 
medical patients.

Jack A. Cole

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Medford, Mass.
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