Pubdate: Tue, 18 Apr 2006
Source: Chillicothe Gazette (OH)
Copyright: 2006 Chillicothe Gazette
Author: Jessica Burchard


Local Programs Reach Out To Help

The Ross County Sheriff's Office responded Thursday to a call of drug 
paraphernalia found in a 15-year-old boy's pants pocket.

Inside the boy's pocket were two straws covered in white powder- 
allegedly a crushed Vicodin tablet. He reportedly used the straws to 
snort the prescription medication.

This is a common instance around the country and in Ross County. A 
study released by the Partnership for a Drug Free America found 18 
percent of teens have used Vicodin without a prescription. "The usage 
of painkillers is a big problem," said pediatrician Amy Luckeydoo, of 
Smith and Fleischer. "They're thought of as party drugs."

Prescription drugs such as Vicodin, Xanax, OxyContin and Ritalin can 
cause changes in personality through artificial boosts in energy and 
hallucinatory drugs.

The 2004 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study released by Drug-Free 
America found teens are increasingly likely to abuse prescription medication.

"Abuse of prescription medications sits in the middle of the teen 
drug use continuum - less common than marijuana or inhalants and more 
common than other drugs," according to the tracking study.

Although taking medications without a prescription is on the rise, 
local programs are working to keep kids away from drugs.

One youth credits participation in the Ross County Sheriff's Office 
Junior Deputies program with keeping him away from drugs.
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