Pubdate: Mon, 03 Apr 2006
Source: Vegreville News Advertiser (CN AB)
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The Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) will offer more 
addictions services for youth and their families as part of the 
Alberta Drug Strategy with a recently announced budget increase.

A total of $14 million will be invested across the province to 
enhance addiction services for youth and families ensuring the 
appropriate level of treatment is available to youth who are 
experiencing problems associated with alcohol  and other drugs, 
including crystal methamphetamine.

An additional $5 million will sustain AADAC's ability to meet demands 
by strengthening AADAC's network of services throughout the province.

This increase brings AADAC's annual operating budget to $95 million - 
allowing for the enhancement of services and continuing the operation 
of 25 area offices, three urban clinics, three adult residential 
treatment centres, two adult detoxification facilities, two youth 
services centres, two youth residential and detoxification 
facilities, and funding support to 37 different nonprofit 
organizations across the province offering addictions services and/or programs.

"In terms of our budget, we're responding to the community by 
enhancing our delivery of information, prevention, and treatment 
programs and services," says AADAC Chair, Dave Rodney.

Key actions for the upcoming year include:

- - Continuing to provide leadership for the Alberta Drug Strategy to 
sustain an effective response to alcohol and other drug issues by:

- - Opening additional youth detoxification and residential treatment 
beds in southern and northern Alberta; and

- - Expanding AADAC's continuum of youth services, by leading program 
development, supporting regulation development, and implementing 
detoxification and assessment services in support of the Protection 
of Children Abusing Drugs Act (PChAD) that comes into force on July 1, 2006.

- - Establishing Health Partnerships. AADAC will continue to build 
relationships with the health sector and other provincial partners to 
deliver addictions services in innovative ways.

AADAC is an agency of the Government of Alberta reporting to the 
Minister of Health and Wellness.

The Commission's role is to positively contribute to the health of 
Albertans through the provision of a province-wide system of 
addictions treatment, prevention and information services.
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