Pubdate: Wed, 05 Apr 2006
Source: Alameda Times-Star, The (CA)
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OAKLAND -- Two years ago, unincorporated areas saw a change when
medical marijuana clinics began moving south after Oakland downsized
the number of dispensaries allowed to operate in city limits.

Almost overnight, six cannabis clubs opened in Ashland and Cherryland,
joining the long-standing We Are Hemp in San Lorenzo.

On Tuesday, Alameda County supervisors literally mapped the future of
clinics in Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland and San Lorenzo.

With Supervisor Scott Haggerty absent, supervisors Keith Carson, Alice
Lai-Bitker, Nate Miley and Gail Steele adopted a revised map
identifying where no more than three dispensaries can operate in
unincorporated areas. The change will be effective in 30 days.

The vote was without comment, either from supervisors or the

The geographical mapping is in addition to a 2005 decision by
supervisors to limit the number of clinics to three and to set up a
permit application process.

So far, in Ashland alone, one club closed voluntarily and another
closed after having its permit application denied. A Natural Source

Foothill Boulevard in Ashland is close to shutting its doors, also
after supervisors turned down its permit application last month.

Tuesday's action:

- -Added the Garden of Eden dispensary on Foothill Boulevard in south
Cherryland to east Ashland-Castro Valley, known as Area Three. With A
Natural Source's closing, the Garden of Eden is guaranteed the permit
for this area.

- -The Garden of Eden's move to Area Three leaves the Alameda County
Resource Center and Compassionate Caregivers of Alameda County to
compete for the operating permit in Area Two, northwest Ashland and
the rest of south Cherryland.

- -We are Hemp on Lewelling Boulevard already has the permit for Area
One, San Lorenzo and north-central Cherryland.  
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