Pubdate: Wed, 22 Mar 2006
Source: Montgomery Advertiser (AL)
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Author: Lori Fly


I have a son who attends Lee High School. His cell phone was 
confiscated in the recent search. The policy against cell phones on 
school grounds is sorely outdated.

Friends of mine who teach in many parts of the country say that after 
9/11, their schools changed the policy against cell phones so that, 
in an emergency, a child could reach a parent.

They say the phone, except in the case of an emergency, must be 
turned off and kept in a backpack or locker.

If the cell phone is taken out and used during school hours, it will 
be taken up by school administrators and has to be claimed by a 
parent during regular school hours, not the one hour Lee High School 
has allowed.

This is a much more realistic policy for today's world.  The original 
cell phone policy was initially implemented when kids who had cell 
phones were usually kids who were conducting illegal drug activity.

My kids have their cell phones with them so that they can contact me 
after they finish a sporting event or after-school practice and the 
office has long been locked up for the day.

It is appalling to me that my son was treated no better than the ones 
who were caught with drugs or other more dangerous contraband.

Come on, let's update our policy on cell phones to reflect today's society.

Lori Fly

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