Pubdate: Wed, 15 Mar 2006
Source: Stabroek News (Guyana)
Copyright: 2006 Stabroek News
Author: K Singh


Dear Editor,

I began reading the SN article (March 8) which reported  that 
President Jagdeo said that: "People who steal guns  today would get 
them freely if government changes."

The President's statements are an indictment of his  inability to do 
anything about the crime situation, yet  in the next breath, he asks 
citizens to vote to ensure  that the PPP stays in power. What for, to 
allow the  country to remain ungovernable; for drug lords to take 
over the country and for gang wars to break out ever so  often in 
which anyone can become collateral damage.

We are being asked to vote for a President who  recognizes that the 
opposition would do anything to get  back into power, while he looks 
on haplessly and calls  on citizens to do something about it. Wake up 
Mr  Jagdeo. You were elected to office to protect the  nation, not to 
seek protection of your presidency from  the nation.

It is amazing that the President would even refer to  the attack on 
the PPP Congress in 2003. Were the  perpetrators ever found and 
brought to justice? No, yet  the President expects citizens to cast 
their ballots  for the PPP.

Mr President, recognize one thing. The opposition does  not need to 
get into office to give people guns. Your  administration is so weak 
that your inability to manage  the security institutions creates an 
environment for  guns to be available for the taking. What is the 
difference then in who is in office?

You say the opposition visit bandits in Buxton. True.  But as head of 
state and Commander in Chief of the  Armed Forces, you fraternize 
with persons of dubious  character and nefarious business activities. 
What example have you set? As if the recent drug report is  not damning enough.

Mr President, it is not just the PNCR who have to  answer to the 
ordinary citizens of Buxton and Agricola  for failing to provide an 
environment for their safety.  You hold that title as Commander in 
Chief of the Armed  Forces and Minister of Defence and you have 
failed in  your duties.

Yours faithfully,

K Singh
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