Pubdate: Tue, 28 Feb 2006
Source: North County Times (Escondido, CA)
Copyright: 2006 North County Times
Note: Gives LTE priority to North San Diego County and Southwest 
Riverside County residents
Author: Gerald Summers
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The people of California have spoken loudly in approving the medical 
use of marijuana. In downgrading its possession from a felony to a 
misdemeanor, they have said its use is no longer to be taken as a 
deadly sin. They have instructed the courts to consider treatment 
rather than imprisonment as the preferred method of dealing with drug 

So what is the point of preferring felonious criminal punishment for 
cancer patients using marijuana when such punishment has been utterly 
ineffective even against hard drug users?

Fifty-one percent of U.S. students admit having used an illegal drug, 
and the government says we are the midst of a terrible public health crisis.

Treating drug abuse as criminal has created massive disrespect for 
the law along with an underground economy estimated in the trillions 
of dollars. It has corrupted governments all over the hemisphere and 
filled our jails to the point we can no longer build them fast enough 
or keep up with the expense.

County Supervisor Jeff Stone has squawked the loudest about these 
costs, but now, apparently, proposes to put cancer patients into the 
mix of his proposed tent-city jails, feed them beans and cornbread, 
and make them wear pink jumpsuits. I would like to know what theory 
of rehabilitation he relies upon for the view that adding layers of 
humiliation to jail time or being a cancer patient will benefit 
anyone but the mean-spirited among us.


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