Pubdate: Thu, 23 Feb 2006
Source: Miami Herald (FL)
Copyright: 2006 The Miami Herald
Author: Redford Givens
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Re the Feb. 12 story Florida drug law at center of case: Richard 
Paey's case is a perfect example of a "crime" committed in the name 
of a fraudulent drug war. Paey has not done the slightest injury to 
anyone, yet prosecutors think that it serves justice to send him to 
prison for 25 years.

Throwing a person in prison for a "victimless crime" cannot be 
justified by anyone who professes a belief in the Bible. Paey, who 
bought painkillers, did not murder or maim anyone, yet prosecutor 
Scott Andringa thinks that it's right to send to prison for 25 years 
a wheelchair-bound man suffering extreme chronic pain who was trying 
to ease his agony.

The prosecution can show no injury whatsoever to justify that 
sentence, but insists that an immoral law must prevail.


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