Pubdate: Tue, 21 Feb 2006
Source: Ponoka News (CN AB)
Copyright: 2006 Ponoka News
Author: Jack A. Cole
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Dear Editor:

Regarding the letter to the editor Regulate 'Gateway' Drug in the 
Feb. 15 issue of the Ponoka News.

As the leader of the world's largest organization of police, judges 
and other criminal justice professionals who oppose the policy of 
drug Prohibition, I'd like to echo letter writer Robert Sharpe.

Having the criminal justice system as the primary arm of public 
response to marijuana use is bad policy. The proposed law changes 
better mirror the common sense approach we use in response to the 
most addictive and dangerous drugs - alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, based on our combined decades of experience fighting the 
so-called "drug war," the cops and judges of LEAP believe it's time 
to legalize marijuana for adults only and move production and 
distribution into a licensed and regulated setting. This need is made 
more urgent when we know that unregulated dealers to often market 
more dangerous and addictive substances like methamphetamine.

"It will 'open the door wide' for teenagers to use marijuana", the 
Prohibitionist proclaims. However, the fact is that legal, regulated 
drug dealers do not knowingly supply minors. It is only the 
uncontrolled street marijuana dealers who actively sell pot or any 
other substance to minors.

Legalizing marijuana for adults will not solve all the problems 
connected to pot in our society. But it will in fact close the number 
one "gateway" to teenage acquisition of risky and addictive drugs.

Jack A. Cole

Executive Director

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Medford, MA
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