Pubdate: Tue, 21 Feb 2006
Source: Massachusetts Daily Collegian (MA Edu)
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Note: Publication of University of Massachusetts
Author: Justin  Sawyer
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The decriminalization of marijuana in Massachusetts is quickly 
becoming a reality. Last week the state committee on Mental Health 
and Substance Abuse voted 6-1 in favor of sending a decrim bill to 
the House and Senate for a vote. This bill will make simple 
possession of marijuana (under 28.5 grams) a misdemeanor, punishable 
by a fine of $250 (maximum).

You cannot be arrested, it will no longer be a felony, and you would 
not risk losing financial aid as a student under the Higher Education 
Act as you  do now. There is still a long way to go before this bill 
becomes law, but drug law reform in this state has never been closer. 
The UMASS Cannabis Reform Coalition has been supporting this bill 
throughout the year by garnering signatures and a letter campaign 
informing our legislators about where we stand  on this issue.

Within the month we will be lobbying personally at the statehouse for 
this bill and another medical marijuana bill coming up for a vote 
soon. If  you're tired of seeing people get busted for pot or just 
tired of being a  paranoid stoner, we urge you to visit our office in 
rm. 322 Student Union, see  our table in the campus center concourse, 
or come to our weekly meetings on  Monday nights at 7 at the office 
(this week will be Tuesday night due to the  holiday) and help us 
fight the good fight.
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