Pubdate: Thu, 09 Feb 2006
Source: Salt Lake City Weekly (UT)
Copyright: 2006 Copperfield Publishing
Author: Tara Bogle


I want to applaud Ben Fulton for his well-put and very insightful 
honest words ["Mangled Sentence," Note From the Editor, Jan. 26, City 
Weekly]. The justice system really has it totally backwards when it 
comes to drug sentencing. My husband is serving a 24-year sentence 
for drug conspiracy--there was never any evidence, nothing found 
while he was under surveillance for over a year, nothing except the 
word of others who were caught doing things and got years cut off 
their sentences in exchange for implicating him.

So the rapists, molesters, murderers continue to go up for parole 
each year, while the federal system has no parole. Without people 
like Fulton in the media, citizens would remain ignorant of the way 
the system works. They think everyone is eligible for parole. Nope, 
just inmates of the state.

Thank you for your part in educating your readers who may finally 
start to realize why America is becoming the laughing stock of the 
world when it comes to how we deal with drugs.

- --Tara Bogle

Detroit, Mich.
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