Pubdate: Wed, 27 Dec 2006
Source: Now, The (Surrey, CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 The Now Newspaper
Author: Tom Zytaruk


The number of drug-related crimes recorded by Surrey RCMP between 
January and October of this year rose by 16 per cent compared to the 
same period in 2005, and violent crime by six per cent.

That's according to the most recent crime statistics available. In 
the first three quarters of this year the city recorded 4,700 violent 
crimes - including homicides, robberies, assaults, abductions and 
attempted murders.

The number of drug-related crimes - cocaine and marijuana possession, 
and growing pot - is 5,575.

The good news, however, is that statistics for property crimes in the 
first three quarters of 2006 show an eight per cent reduction in 
crimes like break-ins, fraud, auto theft and possession of stolen 
property. The number of property related crimes recorded is 22,394.

Other Criminal Code offences, such as weapons and morality related 
incidents, rose by four per cent to 21,564.

Broken down, District 2 (Guildford-Fleetwood) saw the greatest 
increase in violent crimes (by 10 per cent), District 1 (Whalley-City 
Centre) recorded the greatest decrease in property crime (by 11 per 
cent), District 3 (Newton) saw a 23 per cent increase in 
miscellaneous crime and District 2 (Guildford-Fleetwood) recorded a 
whopping 73 per cent increase in drug-related crime.
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