Pubdate: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
Source: Evening News (UK)
Copyright: 2006 Archant Regional
Author: Alun Buffry


Recently the Evening News reported "Warning over rogue batches of
cannabis" (November 24) referring to what is commonly known as "soap
bar" resin supposedly from morocco.

This stuff has been around for over 15 years and the report was a
result of a Legalise Cannabis Alliance press release.

However, a potentially lethal form of contamination has appeared on
the illegal market recently.

It's not on resin, but on "bud" (the flowering heads commonly sold as
"skunk" - often a misnomer).  The bud seems to have been sprayed with
some sort of ground glass of gritty silica. It falls out when shaken
but sticks to the inside and outside of the plant bud.

I am sure I don't need to tell anyone the possible dire consequences
of smoking that, particularly when through unfiltered tobacco joints -
yet people take the risk (as they do).  I have heard of people
coughing up blood!

Reports have been coming in, not only from Norfolk and Norwich, but
also from across the UK, Ireland and some places in Europe.  It is
clearly being done on s massive scale.

I would like to ask why neither the police nor the department of
Health of Home Office has issued warnings.

Whether of not cannabis itself harms the users, this "glass-grass"
could be deadly.

It may show (to the police who apparently see low quality and high
prices as a good sign that their tactics are working - one of their
yardsticks) - surely warnings MUST be issued.

The Government can spend millions advertising that cannabis is illegal
or by making a nonsensical Frank Brain Shop advert - now what about
spending some on actually doing some good?

Alun Buffry

Legalise Cannabis Alliance
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