Pubdate: Thu, 30 Nov 2006
Source: StarPhoenix, The (CN SN)
Copyright: 2006 The StarPhoenix
Author: Mike Kereiff


It isn't often in politics that an opposing party can support the
direction of a governing party. However, in this case credit is due.

Members of Saskatchewan's NDP made political history at their
convention becoming Canada's first governing party to support a
resolution to eliminate the prohibition on marijuana. Although this is
a great first step, there is a long way to go before state-sponsored
discrimination against Saskatchewan cannabis users ends.

Prohibition has been a disastrous policy. Time and again, government
studies such as the Le Dain Commission and the Senate report on
cannabis from 2002 have shown that prohibition causes more harm than
good to society.

Current drug laws strip the collective citizenry of vital funds that
could be directed towards projects such as medical treatment and
pharmaceuticals the government claims it cannot afford. Big
pharmaceutical companies are threatened because of the potential
healing properties that can be gained through selective breeding of
marijuana strains.

Billions of taxpayer's dollars are tied up in our justice system, and
police resources are squandered through prohibition. We have
jurisdiction over alcohol and tobacco so why not marijuana?

Our party will campaign against any government member who does not
work toward a more sensible marijuana policy, as outlined by the
Senate report on cannabis.


Deputy Leader

Sask. Marijuana Party 
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