Pubdate: Sun, 12 Nov 2006
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
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Author: Larry Braybrooks
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Re "What a long, strange trip for state's medical marijuana law," 
Forum, Nov. 5: This article brought to mind how the Bush 
administration and other war proponents talk about "our freedoms" 
when defending U.S. foreign policy. The subject of this article -- 
Proposition 215 -- is an example of one of those freedoms, I suppose.

We, the people of California, passed a law to help alleviate the 
suffering caused by illnesses, of which many are terminal. Yet today 
people seeking medical relief from such illnesses by use of one of 
God's creations -- cannabis -- cannot because federal DEA agents are 
on a rampage to rein in these menaces to society.

According to the article, county supervisors are trying to sue to 
overturn the law and the state's law enforcement community opposes 
the law. Well, since when is it the law enforcement community's duty 
to decide how a law is to be applied within the community?

It is the courts' duty alone to define the context in which laws are 
to be applied. Law enforcement's duty is to enforce laws, and 
Proposition 215 is a law. So much for our freedoms, President Bush.

Larry Braybrooks

Fair Oaks
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