Pubdate: Wed, 15 Nov 2006
Source: Terrace Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Terrace Standard
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THE EXPRESSION "there's strength in numbers" has taken on a solid
foundation in the northwest's efforts to prevent crystal meth from
gaining a toehold here.

Local governments, each of whom were eligible to receive provincial
grant, put their money together for a cohesive approach through a
regional crystal meth response committee.

Joan Rysavy from the North West Regional Hospital District says the
unified approach has resulted in a $60,000 pool for education and
awareness. But just as crucial is a committee of people from around
the region who share a common goal, she said.

"There are strong partners and there are people who are donating a lot
of their time," said Rysavy.

Projects in development include a secure web mentoring site to engage
at-risk youth and training for paramedics in dealing with violent
crystal meth addicts.

The regional group has a corporate partner in Alcan which is paying
the wages of one of its employees, Carmen Charbonneau, to be a
motivational speaker. A former meth user, Charbonneau has a strong
message, says Rysavy.

Also on the group's to-do list is holding a regional conference and
that is tentatively set for next spring, Rysavy said.
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