Pubdate: Fri, 17 Nov 2006
Source: Esquimalt News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Esquimalt News
Author: Amy Dove


Resolution Goes To FCM

Saanich councillors support a Crystal Meth Victoria Society bid for a 
national strategy to combat the use of crystal meth.

The proposed resolution asks the federal and provincial governments 
to implement programs addressing the growing problem. Imposing 
stricter bans on the importation of the drugs used to create crystal 
meth and improving treatment for those suffering addiction are top of 
the list. An education component is also included.

That education is what is lacking the most, said Coun. Robert Gillespie.

"The education isn't soon enough. If you get them early enough they 
certainly understand the danger of what it does to their health. It's 
no good to talk to them when they are 15 - it's too late."

The public would be wrong to think education does not happen in the 
school, countered Coun. Wayne Hunter. But education needs to extend 
beyond the students at school and into the home and community.

"Adults are the ones that also need to be aware and know how to enter 
into a discussion," he said. "Teachers work diligently at the Grade 6 
and 8 level. I wouldn't want the public or anyone to get the 
impression the school districts are not doing anything."

Crystal meth can smoked, snorted, injected or eaten and is associated 
with intense feelings of euphoria while the user is high. The long 
term effects include structural changes to the brain, movement 
disorders, kidney, liver and lung failure, and addiction, among others.

The synthetic drug is made from a cold remedy and various chemicals 
available in hardware stores, such as Drano, paint thinner and 
lithium from batteries.

Council will send a resolution to the Federation of Canadian 
Municipalities regarding a national strategy.
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