Pubdate: Fri, 10 Nov 2006
Source: Keizertimes (Keizer, OR)
Copyright: 2006 Keizertimes, Inc.
Author: Allan Erickson


I've just read the Keizertimes article, "Bust of Local Couple"

It is important to note that doctors have faced threats from the feds
if they recommend cannabis to patients. And while a few doctors may
have written many recommendations for cannabis there are 2,000 doctors
total. It seems to me those few signing the most should be commended
for encouraging use of one of humanity's oldest and safest medicines
in spite of federal "Reefer Madness."

The few patients that have violated OMMA limits knowingly and for
profit do not represent the great majority of patients who lose
because of this abuse.

There is no doubt about the multiple medical uses of cannabis. In my
mind the greatest threat to patients is not from the odd individual
seeking to make some spare money, but rather from our wrong-headed
Prohibition laws.

Our patients lose because Prohibition has made a common garden plant
worth the price of gold. Consider the current value of the cannabis
consumed by patients.

If there are 12,000 patients and these patients each consume 3 pounds
per year and the street price of cannabis is $3500 per pound, then the
value of their medicine is $126 million. If patients represent 20
percent of cannabis consumers in Oregon, Oregon's consumption jumps to
$630 million per year.

Wouldn't it make sense to embrace a safe and fiscally sound state
policy on cannabis. A policy that might provide this useful medicine
to many more qualifying patients?

Allan Erickson

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