Pubdate: Fri, 03 Feb 2006
Source: Asheville Citizen-Times (NC)
Copyright: 2006 Asheville Citizen-Times
Author: Jordan Schrader, Staff Writer
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Victim Hit With Stun Grenade

ASHEVILLE -- A stun grenade thrown during a raid on what police called
a crack house landed in a man's lap and exploded, an attorney for the
injured man said Thursday.

"That's pretty horrific," said Charlotte lawyer Java Warren,
describing injuries that could leave the man unable to father
children. "I know normally they just roll them in on the floor."
Warren declined to name the man or say whether he plans any action
against the Asheville Police Department.

Officers threw the explosive device into the house during the Jan. 25
raid of a Shiloh home, Capt. Tim Splain said.

The "flashbang," or stun grenade, emits a blinding flash of light and
a loud noise designed to distract someone long enough for law
enforcement to take control of a situation. Splain said it's part of
the typical arsenal for the Drug Suppression Unit, which doubles as
the department's tactical team. "There's always a danger if it gets
right next to you," he said. But "never in a million years do you
expect people to get injured doing what you've done a million times."
He would not explain how the stun grenade was deployed or name the
injured man, saying more information would be released today. Chief
Bill Hogan did not return phone calls Thursday. Officers from the
tactical team raided the mobile home at 401 Caribou Road after
obtaining a search warrant. In the document, an officer called the
home a "smoke house" where people bought and smoked crack. Police had
raided the house before in June and found crack cocaine and firearms,
according to the warrant.

Police said they confirmed drug dealing continued to happen there by
sending in an undercover source equipped with a hidden camera and
money to trade for drugs. During the Jan. 25 raid, the warrant states,
police seized pill bottles containing unidentified white substances, a
handgun magazine, ammunition and other items.

Police declined to say if anyone was arrested or charged during the
raid, including the injured man.

Warren, the attorney, said he had not discussed why the man was there.
"He was sitting there drinking a beer, and they threw some kind of
bomb in there that landed in his lap." 
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