Pubdate: Wed, 08 Nov 2006
Source: Prince George Free Press (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 BC Newspaper Group
Author: Bruce Codere



Re: Time to Get Tough on Grow-Ops, Free Press, November 3.

Misinformation permeates pot prohibition. Anyone with no experience 
or training will fail as a cannabis grower, unless Mr. Williams left 
it to the reader to assume that intelligent people know full well how 
much there is to know to grow good pot.

The so called criminal element in the cannabis industry only exists 
as such because of unjust and unethical laws. Pot prohibition has 
already failed. The profiteers have yet to give up their cash cow. 
How many have made careers out of this witch hunt?

The easiest way to overcome the problem of the cannabis industry 
operating with cash is legalization, regulation, and taxation. Until 
legalization, our law makers will be playing into the hands of those 
who benefit from the current arrangement.

The reason getting caught growing is largely dismissed by judges is 
because they have better things to do than clutter our crowded jails 
with gardeners.

Grows are lucrative because market forces make them so under 
prohibition. If pot were legalized, the price would likely become 
more reasonable, more people would grow their own, and over time, 
slightly fewer people would smoke pot.

It's outright nonsense that today's pot is stronger than in the past. 
There are countless recollections about extremely potent strains from 
many countries over the years old-timers can tell you all about. Pot 
can only get so potent, and then you fall asleep.

It's not yet time for the pot prohibition witch hunt to end. There 
are still too many people in power opposing the people's will, but 
rest assured, not only is a majority of Canadians in favor of freeing 
cannabis, with restrictions, but our youth are figuring out in 
significant numbers they're been lied to by prohibitionists. Further, 
80 per cent of Canadians are in favor of medical cannabis.

Arthur Williams' rhetoric is inconvenient, but all too easy to discredit.

Bruce Codere

Fox Creek, Alberta
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