Pubdate: Fri, 03 Nov 2006
Source: Esquimalt News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Esquimalt News


Education Minister Shirley Bond says more young people than ever are 
experimenting with crystal meth.

"We know crystal meth use is a problem," Bond said. "Research shows 
that about five per cent of students in Grade 7-12 may have tried crystal meth.

"Our government believes that one person using crystal meth is one 
person too many."

She added that the province is working to give parents the 
information they need to talk to their kids about the drug.

That's the reason the B.C. government has initiated a $3-million 
school-based program and public education campaign.

A website at features interactive games and 
activities, information on the effects and dangers of crystal meth, 
and how to help a child or friend who uses it.

"These resources are just a few of the many ways government is 
delivering on its commitment to fight crystal meth use and to invest 
in B.C.'s children and future," said Bond.

In 2004, B.C. became the first jurisdiction in Canada to announce an 
integrated crystal meth strategy. In 2005, the Province of B.C. 
created a Crystal Meth Secretariat to implement the strategy across government.
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