Pubdate: Wed, 01 Nov 2006
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2006 Summit Daily News
Author: Sean T. McAllister
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As a local criminal defense attorney, small business person, and 
environmentalists, I have many thoughts on this year's election 
issues. Vote yes on Amendment 44, the state spends around $85 million 
per year arresting 13,000 people and incarcerating another few 
hundred per year on marijuana charges. Our courts are clogged with 
drug cases while our state is last in the nation in public funding of 
drug treatment. Stopping this waste of resources on nonviolent people 
who do no harm to others is a good first step.

Locally, I urge people to support Doug Malkan for county 
commissioner. Doug is an environmentalist with a track record of 
working to protect our open spaces, while his opponent has a track 
record of representing large developers who only care about maximizing profits.

I remind voters that the BOLT tax goes to support the BRC, which does 
not directly benefit service professionals. My understanding is that 
it may triple my business taxes each year. This tax should be 
shouldered by the hotel, ski and restaurant industry that more 
directly benefit from this tax. Vote no on 2A.

Finally, I trust voters will approve 5A. I recently bought a 
Wellington house and without a vigorous attainable housing program in 
Summit County, no young families or professionals will be able to 
live here long term.

I trust my fellow citizens will make the right choices on these 
important issues.

Sean T. McAllister

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