Pubdate: Thu, 26 Oct 2006
Source: North Island Gazette (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 North Island Gazette
Author: Jean Newport


Dear Editor,

I Absolutely Agree With Mr Perlini's Letter.

I was born and raised on the North Island and left at 20 years old. I 
was sick of watching the people around me indulge in so many drugs.

I have seen many of my friends struggle with addiction and although I 
know this problem is everywhere in our society, the North Island does 
not have any treatment centres. You do not give our youth a fair chance.

It's a shame. I read the paper online every week to catch up, but the 
only thing I read are about the crimes and drug busts.

Get a treatment centre. I have gone to visit my friends in treatment 
centers, but never on the North Island.

Surely North Island residents must agree that you have and will have 
a major crisis on your hands if you don't acquire the tools you need 
to help people.

What about the mom of the son who gets phone calls saying if she 
doesn't pay up her son's drug debt she should buy a Sunday suit for his burial?

Do you think she needs help?

What about the young female who now charges for something she used to 
give away for free just so she can get more drugs.

Do you not think she will have emotional scars?

You sentence your citizens to a life-long struggle when you deprive 
these communities of a treatment centre.

Jean Newport

Powell River
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