Pubdate: Wed, 01 Feb 2006
Source: York Evening Press (UK)
Contact:  2006 Newsquest Media Group
Author: Kirk Muse


I'M writing about Steve Clements's thoughtful letter Law's Failure,
(January 26).

A recent Los Angeles Times article revealed that in the Czech Republic
adults may legally possess and grow small amounts of cannabis. The
article said that Czech citizens use cannabis at higher rates than any
other western European country.

Therefore, according to the logic of our drug war cheerleaders, the
Czech Republic must have a very high crime rate.

When I did a Google search I found that they have a homicide rate of
two per 100,000 population. Their rate of robbery and violent theft
was the same.

Drug offences are listed at one per 100,000 population per

I suggest that the readers compare the US, British and Czech crime
rates, then decide which country has the best drug policies.

Kirk Muse,

Mesa, Arizona.
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