Pubdate: Mon, 23 Oct 2006
Source: Journal Advocate, The (Sterling, CO)
Copyright: 2006 MediaNews Group, Inc.
Author: Charles Marcinkiewicz


EDITOR: The Analysis of the 2006 Ballot Proposals, printed, published
and distributed by the Legislative Council of the Colorado General
Assembly, contains a very blatant fabrication, which is obviously
intended to mislead the Colorado voting public.

On page 27 of the "analysis" it reads, "It would also include
transferring up to 1 ounce of marijuana to another individual 15 years
or older as long as there is no compensation."

This is absolutely untrue. Amendment 44 would not enable anyone under
the age of 21 to have anything to do with marijuana. This
misinformation is intended to sway voters who would approve legal
possession for over-21-year-olds, but would not approve of younger
persons having anything to do with it. There is s a lawsuit in process
because of this lie. But, in spite of the lawsuit, the Legislative
Council of the General Assembly has continued to print and distribute
their "analysis."

This dirty trick is the product of people who obviously don't believe
in democracy. They want things their way, no matter what the majority
wants. Printing, publishing and distributing an outright lie intended
to mislead voters is illegal, and I hope the guilty parties are
prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Whether or not this amendment passes, or should or should not pass, we
as a society should not tolerate criminal behavior that is intended to
"pull the wool over our eyes." Amendment 44 would only enable adults
over the age of 21 to possess marijuana. I encourage all Colorado
voters to disregard the Legislative Council's "analysis." Just read
the amendment's text on page 66. Shame on the Legislative Council for
engaging in such an undemocratic act.

Charles Marcinkiewicz, Golden
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