Pubdate: Fri, 20 Oct 2006
Source: Parksville Qualicum Beach News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Parksville Qualicum Beach News
Author: Cecilia Joss


Does it really help the student to be forced out of the entire school 
district because of a few mistakes?

Personally, I believe that if somebody in the school is caught 
exposing themselves to marijuana or occasionally not attending their 
classes, they should be punished differently than what is currently happening.

Now, if somebody falls into a pattern of causing trouble, they 
receive a couple of chances with the school and then they are 
referred to the school board for further assessment.

Some of the time they are allowed to remain at the school and in 
other incidences they are expelled from the entire district altogether.

This way the teenagers involved can get into an even worse predicament.

They will have absolutely nothing to do and they will possibly cause 
more havoc than before. They could even get into far worse drugs such 
as methamphetamine or cocaine.

How do you think half of the people in East Side Vancouver ended up 
in the situation they are in now?

Instead of expelling students, there should be different, more 
substantial ways to deal with the issue.

I suggest these ways could include the school maintaining a constant 
watch over them, taking away their extra time and talking to them.

These teens are crying out for help and attention because they 
obviously don't get it at home. This is the wrong kind of attention.

I only agree with expelling a student from the district if they bring 
a weapon to school, or if they are found to be a risk to others.

We need to think about the consequences of our actions, and find a 
better, more effective way to deal with the issues we face in our community.

Cecilia Joss

Gr. 11 Student at KSS

Qualicum Beach
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